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Who are we?

Key Staffing Group is a specialized staffing firm that will work with your organization to provide the right employees for all stages of project management, information technology, and more. We’re committed not only to finding you qualified candidates but also to helping our clients reach their goals efficiently by leveraging years’ worth of expertise from various industries like manufacturing or healthcare while providing personalized service tailored specifically towards what they need most at any given time!

Key Staffing Group was founded to provide a dependable and reliable staffing solution for clients. We take pride in the delivery of quality talent acquisition services, which is why every client gets an individualized assessment from our team that focuses on cultivating professional relationships as well network development throughout all stages -from initial contact until retirement or replacement due diligence process to ensure success!

What we do

Recruitment Solutions for all

Our Areas of Expertise in Staffing

Key Staffing Group has the knowledge and resources to place qualified candidates in any position.

Roles we recruit for include:

Project Management
  • Project Controls
  • Planners / Schedulers
  • Cost Analysis & Management
  • Supply Chain / Material Management
  • Document Control & Management

  • Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Process Engineers
  • Designers & Drafters

  • Administrative Support
  • Project Analysts
  • Office Management

  • Healthcare Administration
  • Director of Nursing / Nursing Supervisors
  • Physicians / Nurses

Accounting & Finance
  • Accounting Managers
  • Staff Accountants

Information Technology
  • Software Developers
  • Data Scientists
  • Web Developers
  • Information Security Analysts

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