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About KSG

Bridge for industrial and corporate development

Key Staffing Group has built a name for itself as the go-to staffing firm when you need someone with experience in your industry. We specialize exclusively in positions that are difficult to fill, and there’s significant pressure on hiring managers like yourself – who have been waiting patiently by their phones (or computers) hoping candidates will call them first! Your search should end here; at Key Staffing Group we offer unparalleled service: from research to the presentation of qualified hopefuls tailored specifically around what you want and need.

Key Staffing Group has the expertise, experience, and resources to find your next great hire. 

Do you need someone with skills that are hard to find or in high demand? We’ve got you covered! Is there significant pressure on hiring managers because they don’t know where their next top talent will come from fast enough already? Our team of recruiters can help ease those worries by doing all the work for them – quickly getting results like never before when it comes time to fill this position out once more.

We focus on finding the perfect match for every company. We do this by conducting thorough research, understanding what hiring managers need from their candidates and presenting them with people who fit that requirement specifically – all in order to make sure you’re getting exactly who it is you’re looking for!

We're the leading organization that specializes in finding top talent for exciting new opportunities.

We have a secret weapon to help companies find top talent and the perfect match. Our consultative, high-touch approach has been successful in matching leading organizations with interesting opportunities where they can make an immediate impact!

Key Staffing Group is the leader in staffing solutions.

We’re committed to helping both employers and job seekers find positions they love.

If you are a
job seeker looking for work, let us be your guide. We have expertise in finding positions and coaching clients on how to make the most of their opportunities from start to finish – whether it’s through our professional search engine or by referring them out again if needed!

employers, we are the team that does everything right. We conduct thorough screenings to ensure a good fit for your organization and provide you with qualified candidates who have been vetted by our experts in every aspect of job-hunting. We will perform a rigorous screening process on potential employees to ensure that they are the right fit for your organization. We’ll talk through every step with you and make sure it’s always in line with what is best for both parties involved!

We want to help you succeed! If you’re a
hiring manager, we can discuss any challenges that need addressing and provide an actionable plan for the future. 

And if it’s been a while since finding employment or just starting out in new territory again with this search process – don’t worry; our team is here ready to do everything they possibly could on both ends of things so all parties involved walk away feeling satisfied.

Both hiring managers and job seekers alike can be overwhelmed by all of their choices. We want to help make the process easier for you so that it doesn’t feel like there’s no end in sight! If your company needs an employee, contact us today with any questions about what steps will lead towards success – we’re here ready and willing whenever necessary.