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Resume Optimization

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Job hunting can be a difficult and daunting task. Key Staffing Group was founded on the basis of integrity and a quality service-oriented business model that is focused on helping others reach their career goals by providing them assistance in finding employment opportunities suited for individual’s qualifications so they may experience success when taking these steps toward improving themselves as workers or individuals looking forward to new heights!

The best way you could ever hope to succeed would entail having an excellent resume that captures all relevant information about yourself. If you are looking for a job, the first thing that should come to mind is your resume. It’s often one of those things we neglect until it becomes too late and then regretfully realize how bad our previous efforts were at capturing an employer’s interest in us as they quickly scroll through pages upon pages of resumes waiting in line behind hundreds if not thousands more applicants with almost identical qualifications who also applied this morning.

The most important thing to remember when making a resume is that it needs to be ATS-compliant. This ensures you will have the best chance of getting interviews and positions with employers because they can check your qualifications easily on their own!

What is ATS?

With ATS software, your resume will be sorted automatically based on certain criteria such as keywords. This means that if you don’t optimize it with these specific settings then HR managers and/or recruiters won’t even see what’s in there. 

We’re here for help- we offer resumes that are fully compliant along with providing many other services like interview preparation sessions or individualized career coaching about how best to market yourself during a job search. We’re here to help you keep your resume off the shelf. We offer resumes that are ATS compliant and provide other services such as providing interview preparation sessions, individualized career coaching lessons or just general updates on how things have changed in this ever-changing world of work.