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Bridge for industrial and corporate development

Key Staffing Group is the go-to staffing agency for placement in several industries. From manufacturing to oil/gas and construction, we’ve got you covered! Our team works closely with clients so that they can be confident about their new hire’s experience – many coming right out of work directly related to what it takes to run a business successfully. We focus our searches on these disciplines:

  • Project Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Information Technology
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering

As our diverse portfolio suggests, we are not just a “one-size-fits-all” company. We have worked with companies from various industries and will happily consider any request for assistance you may send us!

We often get asked if we have any advice on how to find the best new hires for your company, and while there are many different factors that go into hiring an individual (e.g., experience), one thing you should know is this: no two companies operate in quite the same way! 

Our goal at Key Staffing Group is really simple – provide honest feedback about what kind of talent might work well with YOUR business culture. We will provide honest feedback on how best to attract and retain top talent for your company based on our knowledge about what makes YOU different from other businesses out there.

You can rely on us to find your next great hire.

We know how important it is that you get just what you’re looking for – which means our top priority is delivering exceptional candidates! We’ve created a signature process involving recruitment and assessment in order to deliver consistently high-quality matches between job seekers and employers, no matter the length or professionality of their employment needed. So, feel confident knowing there’ll always be someone waiting who meets all qualifications from skilled workers up to executives when you need them most.

Specialized and efficient staffing solutions.

We help you find and hire top talent while we work with your team on an individualized recruitment strategy. This allows organizations to fill job openings more quickly, get better hires for less money than traditional methods of staffing would suggest is possible—and improve company performance in ways that are uniquely measurable!

In order to help your organization craft the staffing strategy that best enables you to meet business objectives, our team can provide expert guidance. This includes helping recruitment managers identify top talent and fill job vacancies more quickly as well as hiring temporary or full-time employees with skills suited for each position opening at hand; leveraging expertise from skilled professionals who excel in certain fields.